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IODA has a wide circle of welcome, friendship and professional interaction. Whether they are in flying silver tubes, or on the net, IODA members are in constant motion around the globe. Here is a list of OD organizations around the world for your networking toolbox. Please send in other groups that you would want to recommend to your fellow IODA members.

Connect.  Share.  Grow. Organisation Development Australia (ODA) is a not-for-profit organization founded in Victoria in 1999. Our core purpose is developing better organisations through the practice of organisational development. ODA’s mission is to actively contribute to the development of humane and effective workplaces through a focus on organisational development, providing a home for those interested in OD practice, and a safe & supportive space for professional development We’re all very different but share a passion for learning, improvement and results – at individual, team and organisational levels. ODA brings together the best of organisational development thinking, practices and practitioners in a variety of ways through regular events

President: Danielle Jacobson

IODA Contact: Rod Barnett

The Organization Development Association in Japan is an international, professional association whose members are committed to practising organization development internationally and strongly as an applied behavioral science.

President and IODA Contact: Kohain Nishikawa

SAODN is a not-for-profit company, which actively promotes the practice and sets the standards of organisation development, in South Africa and beyond. The SAODN’s vision is effective organisations that make a difference. The SAODN’s aspiration is ethical, responsible and relevant organisation development practices that shape organisations’ key questions and challenges, that implement workable and holistic solutions, and that develop engaged and resilient people. The SAODN’s philosophy is that its vision and aspiration can only be achieved through partnership and collaboration, at all levels.

CEO: Debbie Blackburn

IODA Contact: Johan Greef

Founded in 2010 OD Network Japan (ODNJ), is a community, where OD professionals come together to exchange ideas and experience. ODNJ community members range from university researchers, OD practitioners (both inside and outside of organizations), coaches, to HR professionals and those who engage in community services.

OD Network Japan is devoted to developing OD theories and practices in Japan as well as providing opportunities for skill development and learning opportunities for its members. We welcome and encourage international contact with OD professionals around the world.

Chair: Kazuhiko Nakamura

IODA Contact: Yoshiko Zoet-Suzuki