Scholarship OpportunitiesDevelop yourself and enrich IODA's network 

IODA provides limited scholarships for people to attend the annual conference.

Find out how you can contibute to the scholarship fund.


Application and Contribution

In order to be true to our inclusive mission, IODA seeks to encourage and support broad attendance at the annual conference.

One of the ways we do that is through conference scholarships. Each year IODA works with the host country to provide scholarships for attendance at the annual conference. The scholarship covers conference registration,  meals served at the conference facility and cultural events included in the conference program. IODA attempts to provide accommodation in the conference city. Scholarship recipients are responsible for all other costs prior to, during and following the conference, including transport costs.

The scholarship committee is formed each year and usually includes the Conference Chairman from the host country, IODA’s Vice President and Operations Manager.

To receive a scholarship we invite you to become  a member of IODA and may only receive this scholarship twice in a lifetime. Recipients will be people who are studying or involved in the social sciences, who are interested in developing themselves and show enthusiasm for expanding their professional experience.

Click HERE for latest news about  the current scholarship application process. An application form for the coming conference can be found under Downloads. Click here.


How can I contribute to the scholarship fund?

  • Donate to the IODA scholarship fund. This fund is used for conference scholarships.
  • Make a contribution directly to the annual conference team under the leadership of the conference chair. These funds support accommodation and registration costs of the recipients.

If you would like to find out more about how to make a donation towards a scholarship contact us here.