Experience IODAIODA creates space for unique experiences with people from every continent, and brings O.D. to every continent.

From our Southern African members we have learned the concept of Ubuntu: "a person truly becomes a person through other people".

The IODA experience is one of true meeting between people, where we find each other and find ourselves.

Experience IODA

What makes IODA special for me?

'I was so warmly welcomed at my first IODA conference, and knew I had found a home when I heard someone say ‘we are united by our differences’.'
Suzanne Zaldivar, USA
'At the world conference in Mozambique the workshops were so powerful and loaded. The plenary sessions were so unique, in the sense that they were structured to be interactive and participatory.' Nomso Markson, Nigeria
'What is the magic cocktail of the IODA community? It is simply the people. During exceptional conversations people shared their passion, their perspective and their real presence with me.'
Zita Falatovics, Hungary
'I find "myself " in this space. There is learning, fun, laughter and happiness. Lots of reinforcement for my thoughts and ideas happens within IODA. Naturally my insights occur in this setting very easily. This is one more community that has shaped me for what I'm today. Thank you.'
Lakshmi Devi, India
'O.D. work involves keeping the whole system in mind, and so it is appropriate that IODA is a space where I can keep the whole world in mind as I meet and learn within this international community of communities. Here I can keep close to the continuing developing wisdom of the O.D. elders, and to the freshness of O.D. growing in contexts of conflict and need. Here at IODA I am always challenged regarding the heart of our effectiveness which is 'the self as instrument'.'
Rod Barnett, Australia
'I fell in love with the IODA community during its South African World Conference in Cape Town in 1993. I felt instantly that this connection would be with me forever.'
Ulla Nagel, Germany,
'As an US-based member, IODA clearly shows me the range and power of global OD principles and practices. Most important, though, I now belong to an open, welcoming community of global colleagues who continue to show me the true purpose of our work.'
Peter Norlin, USA