Are You Ready to Meet the World in Portland?

We are excited to announce that this year’s IODA Conference from the 17-20th of October in Portland, Oregon will be co-hosted by IODA and OD Network, two of the most prestigious international organizations of our field. This strategic co-operation and Our Open Invitation to all organizations, networks, schools and communities practicing OD in the World clearly marks the beginning of a new era of IODA reaching out to fulfill its mission of “Co-creating a Global OD Community”. So, hereby we invite you and your colleagues from the US and All Corners of the World to come together in Portland for the:

2015 OD Network | IODA Annual Conference & 2nd OD World Summit

The 2015 Program Committee is already working hard and has lots of fun in creating an outstanding program and a meaningful, memorable experience for all of us. We - Lori Blander and Peter Kalmar, your Co-chairs, Karen Davis, Suzanne Zaldivar and Peter Norlin, your representatives on the Program Committee, Kitti Szoboszlai, Celina Ryan and Diana Jager, leaders of our 2015 OD World Summit Communication Task Force, Silke Haebold, our wonderful Operations Manager, and naturally the whole IODA Executive Committee plus our Newsletter Team - are just thrilled to do our very best to bring the World of OD together in the Pacific Northwest of the US, for this epic milestone event of our profession.

In Our Vision this year’s summit will be yet another fantastic global gathering that brings all continents and walks of life together, connected through a passion for OD. The conference - as usual in all our IODA Conferences - will be a dynamic international event, facilitating sharing, learning and change at organizational, community and societal level, building on and cherishing the very best of both IODA’s and ODN’s traditions.


Our Theme and the concept that will guide us through our 3-days journey together this year is:

“Our Field. Our World. Our Impact.”


On Day 1 - Our Field, we will focus on our roots in Organization Development. Where do we come from, how have we arrived at where we are today and where are we going as a field? What are some of the important, relevant, pressing questions and dilemmas we are facing as a colorful and vibrant international Community of Practice?

On Day 2 - Our World, we will explore the changes in our environment both locally and globally, as we look at what we as OD practitioners do in state of the art projects around the globe. What does OD mean in different parts of the World, how is it practiced, and what do we, what can we offer today both locally and globally?

On Day 3 - Our Impact, based on the insights and inspirations from the previous days, we will share examples of impactful interventions and initiatives to create new ones collectively. How can we individually, in our networks and by joining forces make a difference in our organizations, local environments and globally in the World? Prior to Day 1, last but not least, we will have a full day of Pre-conference Programs & Learning Opportunities. These optional programs will range from on-site learning workshops, to community events, company visits and city tours. The pre-conference day will embrace learning, building community and reaching out to Portland, while getting us in the mood, allowing us to leave a foot-print and enriching the overall conference experience.


As your Co-chairs & Program Committee, we look forward to leading the way, and we could not be more excited to - after the first “ODWS” in 2010 in Budapest - bring the 2nd OD World Summit, this grand event to Portland, providing all of us a unique experience that helps us to grow, inspires, creates new opportunities, strengthens networks and builds strong, lasting bonds:

“Connecting communities, flourishing together!”


So if you want to join your 400+ colleagues from 30+ countries, if you want to represent your organization, city, country, region and continent, if you want to expand your horizon, learn, share and co-create with some of the most prominent figureheads of our field, or if you simply miss the IODA Feeling, then surprise yourself with the gift of enrichment, enlightenment and excitement both in your work and private life, put the dates into your calendar, start planning, and join us in:

“Portland - Our Passageway to the World!”


We look forward to meeting you all in October, best regards on behalf of the 2015 Program Committee:

Lori Blander - Conference Co-Chair ODN


Peter Kalmar - Conference Co-Chair IODA