ElectionsExperience IODA as member driven organisation

We invite all IODA members who meet the eligibility criteria to participate in the voting process. Please think about nominating yourself or recommending other IODA members for positions of service in which they can make an important contribution to guiding the development of IODA.

Election Committee

The election committee is brought together whenever it is appropriate to hold elections. The role of this group is to ensure the smooth and fair running of the whole election process for our organization. It usually comprises of our Vice President who chairs this committee, our Operational Manager who acts as the election clerk, and one other member of the Executive Committee. Obviously people who are standing for re-election cannot be on this committee. The election committee has explored and found innovative ways to make the process accessible, efficient, confidential and fair for candidates and voters who are scattered around the world.

IODA members have the opportunity to nominate themselves for roles on the Executive Committee and nominate other members. Please direct any questions about elections and roles on the E.C. to info@iodanet.org.

Election Process

IODA members have the opportunity to nominate themselves or recommend other members. Any IODA member seeking nomination must have paid membership dues for the year in which the election is held or for the previous year. Any IODA member who is eligible to vote and who meets the nomination criteria may self-nominate or nominate another member who meets the criteria for eligibility for nomination. All members being nominated by others must be informed and have given consent before their names can be sent in as nominations.

Eligibility Criteria to vote

To be eligible to vote, IODA members must have paid membership dues for the year in which the election is held or for the year before. Each member may cast only one vote for each position.

Voting Process

Voting will take place if there are multiple candidates for a position and will be conducted using a formal and confidential process. Members may vote only by the authorised process that will be set out by the election committee.