Climate Change and OD?


Are you feeling the call to take action and contribute more as an OD practitioner in this time of accelerated climate emergency – and emergence of new systems – but are wondering how?  Or do you want to share actions or practices that are already having an impact with our community?  

For many people, the sense of a climate crisis is rising. Whether it is the highly visible emergencies such as the current fires and heat waves in Australia, or crises that gain less media attention such as drought, food insecurity and climate refugees, the feeling that we are reaching a tipping point is becoming more mainstream.  This sense resonates with the theme of the 2020 OD World Summit: “Breakpoints and Beyond: People, Positivity and Possibility”. 

We invite you to a webinar for an open discussion on questions such as: 

  • What can we do as OD practitioners and global citizens to improve our response to these crises and to climate change overall? 
  • How can we help people and systems get out of crisis/ panic mode and into possibility mode and creative problem solving? 
  • How do we help people deal with climate grief?
  • How do we include indigenous wisdom into our solutions – recognizing that life is alive and that emergent systems are here to support us as we align with supporting life? 
  • What are you already trying in your work with clients and as a citizen that you find promising? 
  • What are specific, actionable, and tangible steps we can take as individuals and as an OD community?

Zoom Link for the Webinar an Friday 21/ Saturday 22, 2020

Time Zones
Saturday, February 22 at 3 pm in Sydney, Australia 
Saturday, February 22 at 11 am in Bangkok, Thailand
Saturday, February 22 at 6 am in Cape Town, South Africa 
Saturday, February 22 at 5 am in Berlin and Budapest, Europe
Friday, February 21 at 9 pm MT / 11 pm EST (USA)

Future IODA webinars rotate times to be more convenient for different geographies. If you haven’t used Zoom before the log on process might take one or two minutes.

RSVPs are not required, but if you sign up by email with we can send you a calendar reminder. We will record the webinar, so even if you can’t attend live but are interested, please sign up via the same email address and we will send you a link to download the recording.