2024 IODA Elections

Vote for IODA’s next Vice President of Conferences & Events

In this 2024 election year, we are working hard to find IODA’s new Vice President of Conferences & Events. As an IODA member, your participation in this election is crucial in shaping the future of our organization.

This is a strategic election for IODA, the VP of Conferences & Events plays a pivotal role in fostering our global OD community, shaping vibrant spaces for interaction at our annual conferences, webinars, and other events. It’s a position that contributes significantly to IODA’s growth and the collective pursuit of inspiring learning and change worldwide.

This year, we received only one nomination for the role, which has frequently happened in past years for Executive Committee positions. To ensure that these single candidates are accepted by IODA members, we will still hold an election process. We are aiming for 75% of voters to support the candidate. If the candidate does not reach the 75% threshold, the Executive Committee will determine the next steps to ensure it has sufficient coverage to support IODA.

The voting window opens on June 1st and closes June 17th. You will soon receive a voting link via e-mail to submit your vote; please do let us know if you have not received a link.

Marrisa Fernando: Candidate for VP of Conferences & Events

Below, you will find the submitted application materials for the candidate so that you may take an informed decision. These include:

  • Introduction video submitted by the candidate
  • Motivation Letter from the candidate outlining their vision for the role
  • Letters of endorsements from two other IODA members

If you did not receive an email from OpaVote with a link to vote on June 1st, please contact us.