2023 IODA Elections


Vote for IODA’s next three Vice Presidents:

  1. Affiliations and Partnerships
  2. Membership and Communication
  3. Strategic Projects

In 2023 IODA will continue with elections and we are currently in the process of finding three new Vice Presidents. As an IODA member you are invited to vote for your preferred candidates.  You will receive a voting link via e-mail and please do let us know if you have not received a link.

Below, you will find the submitted application materials for each candidate in all three positions so that you may take an informed decision.

These include:

  • Video of the candidate speaking about their application
  • Motivation Letter from the candidate outlining their vision for the role
  • Letters of endorsements from two other IODA members

Candidates for Vice President: Affiliations and Partnerships


Affiliations and Partnerships

I am Alfredo Mazive from Mozambique. It is with great enthusiasm that I submit my application for the position of Vice President of Affiliations and Partnerships hoping that you won’t let me down.

Application for the Position of Vice President Affiliations and Partnerships

I am Alfredo Mazive from Mozambique. It is with great enthusiasm that I submit my application for the position of Vice President of Affiliations and Partnerships hoping that you won’t let me down.

I am a natural networker. This position gives me the privilege and space to do that while serving the cause of my organization. I am already participanting in the newly formed Africa OD Network (https://africanod.org) under the capable leadership of our distinguished President Noble Kumawu. I am also a member of the International Association of Facilitators-IAF (www.iaf-world.org), the Learning Network on Capacity Development (LenCD (www.lencd.org), the Effective Institutions Platform (EIP)(www.effectiveinstitutions.org), the Africa Managing for Results (www.AFRK4R.org), and The Collaborative Africa Budget Reform Initiative (CABRI) (www.cabri-sbo.org), to name just a few.

In IODA, I serve as a Global Ambassadors. This role enables me to informally reach out to other OD professional organizations, communities, and associations, to market our organization and gather relevant information on them to inform ours.

I am a doer. In 2012, when our Brazilian colleagues desisted from hosting the 27th IODA International Conference, my team and I, within a year of preparation, and against all odds, we hosted it in Mozambique, preserving the IODA tradition of not missing one single annual conference since it was founded in 1986. When I am trusted with a task, I make sure I deliver to the point.

In this position, I will work with a team of colleagues volunteering to engage OD professional organizations, communities and associations across all regions of the globe, and in particular where we lack IODA’s representation. Therefore, in these organizations, we will scan, identify and explore areas of similarity, complementarity, and mutual interests in order to network,collaborate, and establish affiliations and partnerships.

In the Executive Committee, I will work together with the Chairs, VPs, and co-opt a task force of our valuable Global Ambassadors, our experienced former Executive Committee members, our prestigious former chairs, our resourceful former annual conference chairs and teams, and our well-connected and highly-respected senior members distributed in all regions to roll out our Affiliation and Partnership strategy. IODA is endowed with valuable members some of which are already participating in other prestigious OD  professional organizations that IODA has to tape into.

Furthermore, IODA already enjoys mutually beneficial network with organizations such as ODN and ASTD. We would like to see these strengthened and with live and results-based initiatives. We want to see our members participating in their activities, webinars and conference and vice-versa. To meet the growth needs of our students and young professionals, we don’t have to reinvent the wheel. We have our prominent members in leadership positions in OD related institutions such as the Assumption University in Thailand, the OD Institute in Ghana, the FRED institute in India, and the Academia Wumunho in Mozambique that are valuable assets.

To prevent IODA from becoming a pool of still waters and lifeless ecosystem, we need to open channels to reach out other live pools out there in order to pump more oxygen into our own, to rejuvenate and enrich ourselves and our partners in return. Therefore, I am thrilled at the possibility of God willing, and with your precious support, serving as VP of Affiliations and Partnerships for the next three years. Hence, I would love the opportunity to have your trust and vote. I would welcome those willing to discuss my ideas further. I appreciate your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you or have the confidence of your vote. Please feel free to contact me at any time via mobile at +258 847690597 or by email at ceoacademiado@gmail.com, or otherwise, please don’t forget to cast your vote.

Endorsement by Ben Arikpo

I am writing to submit my endorsement for Alfredo Mazive who is desirous of becoming the VP for Affiliations and Partnerships of IODA.

I have known him since 1996 both as a fellow student, co organizer of the 1997 IODA Conference in Nairobi – Kenya and as a professional colleague. 

I have no hesitation in supporting his desire to serve IODA in the capacity of VP Affiliations and Partnerships.

Many thanks for considering my endorsement.

Best wishes!


Akada Konsults Limited

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MOBILE: +234-803 403 5001

EMAIL: barikpo@gmail.com; barikpo@akadakonsults.com

Website: www.akadakonsults.com

I am a Member in good standing, having joined IODA in 2006.

I write to support the candidature  of Alfredo Mazive, who I have known since 2006, for the position of Vice President for Affiliations and Partnerships for IODA.

Alfredo Mazive in my view, has remained committed to the Vision of IODA and has actively kept the esprit de corps of the Association.

He is an OD Professional par excellence and his involvement in academia and other social walks makes him a suitable and good candidate for the vacant position and its accompanying needs.

I see Alfredo Mazive well placed and poised to effectively take up the role and execute same towards the achievement of the aims, goals and objectives of the organization (IODA).

I do not hesitate on any front in giving my endorsement to his application and look forward to seeing him enjoying his office in the near future in a bid to moving IODA to a different level.

I hereby wish him well in advance and congratulate the Committee as you serve the needs of our endowed and well resourced  Organization.

On this note, I express sentiments of the highest esteem.


(+233209845070 / gloriasarkumawu@gmail.com)